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Sleep Plugs

All prices include ear impression (moulding) service.

Sleeping is the body's natural rejuvenation process; disturbances such as snoring partners, traffic sounds, or noisy environments like hotels can disrupt an otherwise peaceful night's rest. Our custom earplugs are designed to effectively minimize noise and ensure a tranquil environment conducive to natural sleep.

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Custom Sleep Plugs (£110)

Our custom side sleeper earplugs are incredibly lightweight and crafted from the softest silicone available. Designed for optimal comfort while sleeping, they effectively reduce noise. The main body of the plug is hollowed out, allowing it to flex when your head rests on a pillow, ensuring a perfect fit to your ear’s shape. The side sleeper design omits the concha portion, allowing the plug to sit primarily in the ear canal, enhancing comfort for side sleepers.

Available in a range of colours: Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


– Sound attenuation: 25dB (approximately)
– Material: medical grade silicone
– Fully hygienic/cleanable

What's in the box?

– Storage Pouch
– Physical Ear Impressions (Digital Copy Retained)
– 2x Cleaning Wipes
– 1x Comfort Cream
– 1x Fitting and Maintenance Guide

Need a free fit check appointment? Our Audiologists can check they fit well and teach you how to put them in at no extra charge.

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