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Custom Ear Plugs

All prices include ear impression (moulding) service.


Swimming, music, sleep, shooting, motorsport, industrial noise.

Our ears need protection in certain environments, particularly when volumes exceed safe levels (80dB), or are exposed to excessive moisture. We can provide bespoke, custom made products to suit any need you have.

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Custom made swimmers earplugs (£110)


Swimmer's earplugs crafted to fit your ears precisely provide waterproof protection during swimming and watersports. These plugs ensure safety and comfort, enabling you to engage in your favourite water activities without worry.


Available in a range of colours, swim plugs can be customized with or without handles and a neck cord for safekeeping. Find out more HERE.

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Filtered musician earplugs (from £149)


Hear music clearly, comfortably and at a safe level. The ACS PRO Series of custom-fit earplugs ensures an impeccable seal and comfortable wear, delivering precise noise reduction tailored to any environment. With PRO filters offering reductions from 10 to 27dB, you'll be receiving the music industry standard in hearing protection. Find out more HERE.

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Custom In Ear Monitors (from £239)

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are custom-molded headphones used by bands and artists during live performances. Unlike traditional floor monitors and side-fill loudspeakers, which can cause feedback issues, IEMs are small wireless devices worn by performers. They deliver the monitor mix directly to the ears at a personally controllable volume and offer crucial isolation from high levels of ambient noise. Find out more HERE.

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Shooting plugs (from £549)


Gunshot sounds can vary in volume from 140dB to 175dB. To provide perspective, a typical live concert registers at around 110dB. Failure to use proper hearing protection while visiting the shooting range or hunting can lead to irreversible hearing damage. Our specialized shooting earplugs, trusted by both Military and Police Forces, are meticulously crafted to prioritize comfort and efficacy during shooting activities. Find out more HERE.

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Motorcyclist earplugs (£189)


Our custom motorcyclist earplugs offer 31dB of hearing protection and, if needed, premium audio through integrated speakers. They boast an exceptionally slim profile, making it ideal for wearing under motorcycle helmets. Crafted from the finest medical-grade silicone on the market, it offers unparalleled comfort, catering to those seeking a seamless blend of audio and hearing protection while riding.

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Ready to take the next step?

Our Audiologists can discuss your requirements and find out exactly what you need. Once established, an examination of your ear will take place to ensure your canals are free of wax and the ear is healthy. If safe to proceed, impressions (mouldings) will be taken of each ear using medical grade silicone material which sets after 3-4 minutes. This gives us a perfect cast of your ear which can be sent to a manufacturer. 

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