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Hearing aids
£1095 - £1795 per aid

Quality, performance, comfort. 

We only fit hearing aids from reputable world class manufacturers, and to give our patients peace of mind our award winning aftercare is included as standard.

There are hundreds of hearing aids on the market, and not all meet our high standards. Those that do are fitted to our patients using a technique called Real Ear Measurement (REM), the gold standard in hearing aid tuning. This helps us give a personalized sound prescription for each patient, and ensures you hear at your best. Brands we work with include Phonak, Signia, Widex, Unitron, Bernafon, Oticon, and Starkey.

To see how our hearing aids look and the different styles we offer, see our Hearing Aid Styles guide HERE.

£1,095 per aid

Designed for individuals who spend most of their time in quiet, low noise environments. These hearing aids facilitate clear and natural one-to-one conversations, ensuring both comfort and awareness of the surrounding sound environment.

Suitable for: 

1-to-1 conversation




£1,295 per aid

For individuals who depend on their hearing aids for hearing speech in mild to moderate noise. These hearing aids facilitate comfortable understanding in small groups through adaptive noise management.

Suitable for: 

Quiet pubs & restaurants 

Small family groups

Driving in the car


Coffee and Desserts

£1,495 per aid

For people who lead active and sociable lifestyles, frequently engaging in conversations with multiple speakers in noisy scenarios. These devices deliver smooth transition from individual interactions within a group to participating in broader group discussions in challenging auditory settings.

Suitable for: 

Parties & social gatherings

Busy pubs & restaurants




£1,795 per aid

For individuals seeking unparalleled sound quality and cutting-edge technology to enhance speech comprehension in all settings. These devices offer unrivaled support and top-tier performance, even in the most demanding situations.

Suitable for: 

Conferences, business meetings & travel

Large gatherings & busy social events

Echoey & reverberant environments

Music events & concerts

Rooftop Party

Whats Included?

Free Trial 

Not sure if hearing aids are right for you? All our patients are welcome to a trial to see for themselves the real world benefits of hearing clearly and comfortably. You can try them on in clinic or take them away for a couple of weeks and try them out at your leisure.

90 day grace period

From the date you're fitted with your hearing aids you have 90 days to in which you can return, or exchange them for something different. No quibble, no hassle and no stress. 

Lifetime aftercare

We like to take care of our patients, that's why lifetime annual hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, cleaning, servicing and check ups are included in the price. 

4 year warranty and batteries 

All our hearing aids come with the manufacturer's 4 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. If you decide a rechargeable hearing aid isn't right for you, we'll provide free disposable batteries for 4 years as well. 

Ready to take the next step?

Book in with our award winning experts to explore

how we can transform your hearing.

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