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Ear Wax Removal


Using the latest technology in microsuction, our practitioners can resolve ear blockages in a safe, clean and comfortable way. 

Ear wax is a naturally occurring, antibacterial, moistening substance made in the ear canal. Usually it migrates out of the ear by itself without a problem, however some people experience build-ups from time to time which need professional care.

What you can expect

Price: £60

1. Book in online or by calling us for a 30 minute appointment to see one of our Audiologists.

2. Following a conversation and examination of your ear canal using a special camera, any wax will be gently removed with microsuction.

3. After 5-10 minutes your ears will be free of wax and the Audiologist will show you before and after images, so you can see difference as well as hear it.

What is microsuction?


Microsuction ear wax removal is widely accepted as the safest, most effective method of resolving ear blockages and is superior to other water-based methods such as syringing. It is performed using a small suction machine which draws wax out of the ear and into a sealed cannister. A thin tube attached to the machine is comfortably placed inside the ear canal, only making contact with the wax and never the patient's ear canal or ear drum. The Audiologist will use a special camera called an Endoscope so they are able to see inside the ear canal and exactly what needs to be removed.  

In most cases microsuction does not need a full 2 week course of drops, however 1 or 2 days of olive oil can make the procedure a lot quicker. Whilst examining your ear the professional will safely remove the obstruction in a pain-free movement. We also show you a before and after image using a specially designed camera to further examine the health of the ear drum and provide advice where needed. 

What are the symptoms of too much earwax? 


Common symptoms include partial hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in the ear, earache and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).


Is frequent syringing bad for my ears?


Irrigation or "syringing" is a technique where water is forced into the ear canal at varying degrees of pressure. The ear canal and ear drum are very sensitive, delicate structures so where possible, microsuction should be used as the preferred method of treatment. 

Which drops do you recommend before microsuction? 


There are many different products on the market claiming to be the best at softening, dissolving and dissipating wax. In our experience, olive oil ear drops purchased from a pharmacy will work best. 

Ready to take the next step?

Book an appointment online or talk to our friendly team of experts over the phone.

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