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Hearing Assessment

Our sense of hearing is unique, and needs to be examined with the greatest degree of care and expertise to understand whats going on underneath the surface. Our hearing assessment is designed to ensure we know exactly what your sensitivity to sound is like, and what we can do to help. 

Step 1: History take

Before any examination takes place the Audiologist will ask you some questions about your hearing, lifestyle and medical details. This helps us build a better understanding of your requirements and allows us to tailor our approach to your examination. This part of the assessment should always be relaxed and unhurried, giving you an opportunity to explain everything you want to the Audiologist and explain what's important to you. 

Step 2: Examination of the outer ear


After the history take, the Audiologist will have a look inside your ears using a special camera called a video otoscope. We look for several things during this quick and simple check, including the health of the ear canal, the amount of wax in the ear and the appearance of the ear drum. These parts of the ear are visualised on screen and give us vital clues as to how your ear is functioning.

Step 3: Hearing test


A hearing test is performed using a special machine called an audiometer. These are designed and calibrated to ensure highly accurate and reliable results, and most audiometers around the world are set to the same standard as ours. Through noise isolating headphones, you will hear a series of beeps which you'll be asked to respond to by pressing a button if you've heard it. The Audiologist will vary the loudness and pitch of these beeps to find out where your threshold of hearing is across the sound spectrum. The test can take between 15-20 minutes and the final recorded result is a graph known as the audiogram. This shows exactly what you can hear and helps the Audiologist decide whether or not you would benefit from hearing aids. 


Step 4: Recommendations 

After the test is complete, the Audiologist will explain the results to you and break down what your audiogram means. If hearing aids are required, we offer the latest technology from a wide range of manufactures, based on your history and degree of the hearing loss.


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