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Swimming Laps

Swim Plugs

All prices include ear impression (moulding) service.

Swimmers commonly encounter ear sensitivity to water. These earplugs are waterproof, providing optimal defence against ear infections, making them particularly beneficial for people with conditions like glue ear, grommets and eardrum perforations. With custom-made earplugs, individuals can confidently pursue swim lessons and water sports in total comfort.

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Custom made swimmers earplugs (£110)

Available in a range of colours (black, blue, pink, purple, red). 

Laser etching available +£10.

Fixed nylon cord +£10.


Material: medical grade silicone

– Custom fit

– Made out of floating material

– Fully hygienic/cleanable

– Choice of colours

– Colour labeled for each ear

– 1 year guarantee

What's in the box?


– Custom Earplugs

– Storage Pouch 

– 2x Cleaning Wipes

– 1x Comfort Cream

– 1x Fitting and Maintenance Guide

Need a free fit check appointment? Our Audiologists can check they fit well and teach you how to put them in at no extra charge.

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