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Endoscopic Assisted Suctioning of Ears (EASE)

Take your ear care to the next level by training with EASE, an accredited earwax removal course developed by ENT and Audiology experts to give you confidence with an endoscope.

£710 +VAT

Next training dates:

26th June 2024 - ​Barnard Castle- 4 places

Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd, Anirvan Banerjee

21st August 2024 - London - 5 places

Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd, Anirvan Banerjee

16th October 2024 - Alto Hearing, Kenilworth - 5 places

Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd, Anirvan Banerjee

What is Endoscopic Assisted Suctioning of Ears?

EASE is a 1 day training course designed to help you qualify in ear wax removal using an endoscope, as well as additional skills needed to clear the ear canal of infectious debris and foreign bodies. Theoretical learning on anatomy, pathology, patient safety and infection control is delivered through lectures by experienced Audiologists and ENT Consultants, coupled with practical learning in a supportive and unhurried environment. 

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Why choose to train with an endoscope?

Endoscopes provide an unparalleled level of vision inside the ear canal, allowing practitioners to tackle difficult cases and suction deep areas of the ear with precision. Whether it's unblocking bendy, narrow ear canals, removing wax from recesses or suctioning debris away from the eardrum, an endoscope makes all of these procedures possible and is a perfect compliment to loupes and irrigation.

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Is learning to use an endoscope difficult?

No, but it does require patience, skill and a steady hand in order to master. Thankfully all our trainers are experienced in teaching, and understand the importance of putting a new learner at ease. You will be able to practice and progress throughout the day feeling well supported and encouraged. If you're already trained in ear wax removal via another method such as loupes or microscope, we will be able to help you transition and get used to working through a 2D image and gauge depth perception.

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Who can train with EASE?

We only train students who work in healthcare and have a background in examining ears. Professionals who can train include:

Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers

Hearing Care Assistants


Nurse Practitioners

ENT Specialists

Physician Associates

If your profession is not listed but you feel you are able to train, please contact us at

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Once qualified can I gain insurance to provide endoscopic ear wax removal?

Yes, we've partnered with the UK's leading provider of ear care insurance Barry Fenton. Once you've successfully demonstrated competence through assessment at the end of the day, we can refer you for quick and comprehensive cover.

Is EASE an accredited course?

Yes, our training materials, methods and assessment procedure has been independently verified and accredited by the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). This means our course meets the required standards to train healthcare professionals to a high level, and equip you with the knowledge required to practice competently. 

(Accreditation number 9092).


Who will be training me?

Our team consists of:

Mr. Conor Boland 


Conor started studying Audiology in 2007 at the University of Southampton. After completing internships at two London hospitals, he joined the NHS to work with hearing impaired adults and children. He also became heavily involved in charity work and became a Trustee of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. 


After gaining experience in the field, Conor went to Africa in 2013 on a short mission with the charity Sound Seekers. Whilst in Cameroon he was able to set up equipment and train staff to help a number of adults and children hear properly for the first time using refurbished NHS hearing aids. Conor currently sees patients privately through his own clinic Durham Hearing Specialists, and holds a number of certificates in ear wax removal and training.


Miss. Lilley Todd


Lilley is a qualified Audiologist with an enthusiasm for treating hearing loss in adults. She grew up locally in Richmond and after leaving school completed an apprenticeship in Healthcare Assistance, working with doctors in Dermatology and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), performing minor procedures such as drawing blood, assisting in suturing and taking blood pressure.   


After taking a special interest in ENT she started studying for a Diploma in Audiology at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, and went on to achieve a first class degree in Audiology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


Lilley holds a number of qualifications in ear clearance, including endoscopic, microscopic and irrigation.


Mr. Anirvan Banerjee


Anirvan is an ENT consultant and currently the lead clinician for the children's hearing service in Teesside and North Yorkshire region. He undertakes cochlear implant surgery as part of the North East Cochlear Implant programme.


He undertook his training on the Cambridge rotation and a fellowship in Perth, Western Australia in advanced otology (ear disease). He has a practice in general ENT in adults and children, and his private practice in Stockton reflects his wide experience in all ENT conditions that he deals with in his NHS practice. He deals with patients with sinus disease, offering both medical management and endoscopic sinus surgery. He treats balance problems, hearing loss and ear infections with a special interest in surgery for the reconstruction of the ear drum and restoration of hearing.

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