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Ear Irrigation And Instrumentation

Qualify with our Audiology experts during a one day course of in-depth lectures and  practical sessions to help you master ear wax removal with irrigation.

£395 +VAT

Next training dates:

18th Jan 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

15th Mar 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

24th May 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

27th June 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

7th August 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

13th Sep 2024 - ​Barnard Castle, County Durham - 3 places. Trainers: Conor Boland, Lilley Todd.

What is Ear Irrigation And Instrumentation?

Ear Irrigation refers to removing ear wax using water. Unlike the older method of "syringing", the water is delivered via an electronic irrigator machine, producing a controlled, pulsed jet of water safely into the ear canal. Instrumentation refers to the manual removal of wax by hand using various tools such as curettes, hooks and forceps. On our Ear Irrigation And Instrumentation course you will be trained in both methods over a single day of theoretical and practical learning.


Why choose to train in irrigation?

Irrigation provides a wonderful alternative to suction when faced with stubborn ear wax. At Durham Hearing Specialists we find it most useful if wax is on the eardrum, or if the wax is extremely runny or viscous. In such cases, 20 to 30 seconds of irrigation will clear the canal completely, reducing the amount of patients needing to be rebooked.


Who can train?

We only train students with a background in healthcare. Professionals who can train include:

Audiologists & Hearing Aid Dispensers

Hearing Care Assistants



Physician Associates

Occupational Therapists

If your profession is not listed but you feel you are able to train, please contact us at


Once qualified can I gain insurance to provide ear wax removal via irrigation?

Yes, we've partnered with the UK's leading provider of ear care insurance Barry Fenton. Once you've successfully demonstrated competence through assessment at the end of the day, we can refer you for quick and comprehensive cover.

Who will be training me?

Our team consists of:

Mr. Conor Boland 


Conor started studying Audiology in 2007 at the University of Southampton. After completing internships at two London hospitals, he joined the NHS to work with hearing impaired adults and children. He also became heavily involved in charity work and became a Trustee of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. 


After gaining experience in the field, Conor went to Africa in 2013 on a short mission with the charity Sound Seekers. Whilst in Cameroon he was able to set up equipment and train staff to help a number of adults and children hear properly for the first time using refurbished NHS hearing aids. Conor currently sees patients privately through his own clinic Durham Hearing Specialists, and holds a number of certificates in ear wax removal and training.


Miss. Lilley Todd


Lilley is a qualified Audiologist with an enthusiasm for treating hearing loss in adults. She grew up locally in Richmond and after leaving school completed an apprenticeship in Healthcare Assistance, working with doctors in Dermatology and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), performing minor procedures such as drawing blood, assisting in suturing and taking blood pressure.   


After taking a special interest in ENT she started studying for a Diploma in Audiology at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, and went on to achieve a first class degree in Audiology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


Lilley holds a number of qualifications in ear clearance, including endoscopic, microscopic and irrigation.

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